Destruction Derby

Enjoy the thrills of smashing through walls, jumping off ramps, and crashing right into your opponents' wind-screen! Constant adrenaline will pump you to victory in this high-tempo game mode, where only one can be the winner and they take it all!


High-speed cornering, risky overtakes, hitting that apex in every curve, and finally crossing the finish line first… all the racing skills you possess will be put to the test on custom-designed asphalt tracks with winding curves, full-throttle straights, and uphill or downhill slopes.


Dirt, gravel, sand, mud, snow, and ice-covered all-terrain off-road tracks are your main opponents here. In this heart-pounding race mode you will race against the elements, your opponent’s time, and most importantly yourself!

Junkyard RACE

Team up cooperatively or compete combatively to destroy the demon Racer's vehicle, before he finishes the race and gets away with the stolen loot. Plan your strategy, time your attacks, and decide who will sacrifice their vehicle in order to prevent the Demon Racer in achieving his malicious goals.


There’s no higher satisfaction in racing than beating your opponents and driving off in one of their vehicle. Pinkslip races are a 1v1 event, where Coinracers can challenge each other to see who is truly the best! The prize? The opponent’s pride and car with all it’s upgrades and visual customization!


The ultimate racing challenge, where racing skills, tactics, and strategy will matter on each track. In this Grand Prix style game mode, players will band together to form their own racing teams, in which each team will fulfill the roles of: pit crew chief, chief mechanic, sponshorship manager, PR manager, and more! Each contribution earns access to various unique vehicle upgrades. Do you have what it takes to become the next Coinracer Champion?

Fudball Match

Looking for a little space to add to your racing and destruction? Team up with other players in these 3v3 or 5v5 coop matches of FUD Ball, where the objective is to score more goals than the opposing team before the timer runs out. A warning before you venture out on the FUD Ball field, these matches are fast-paced, exhilarating, and brutal... if you're not careful, you may leave your vehicle a smoldering pile of junk metal.

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