Garage System

Expand, manage and improve your ever growing vehicle collection

Vehicle Purchases

Every racing event starts with a vehicle. Using the in-game currency, $CCASH (purchased with $CRACER tokens of fiat), you can visit the dealership and start on your own personal collection. But be sure to do your homework on what vehicle best suits your needs.

Vehicle Tiers
• Tier 1 (Top Tier)
• Tier 2 (Mid Tier)
• Tier 3 (Low Tier)

Vehicle Types
• Track Cars
• Rally Cars
• Destruction Trucks

Vehicle Attributes
• Top Speed
• Acceleration
• Handling
• Weight
• Hit Points


Vehicles require maintenance, and this is a result of how you treat your prized collection. After every race you need to monitor the damage done, wear and tear on the tires, how much fuel is in the gas tank, and what the oil consumption looks like. As you get ready for your next event, be sure to have kept up with:

• Vehicle Repairs
• Tire Replacements
• Refuelling
• Oil Changes
• Nitro Boost Recharge

Vehicle Upgrades

In skill-based competition, every racer is looking for a slight competitive edge. In the garage, you gearheads can look to customize and tune your collection for upcoming events, transforming any vehicle from a mere stock variant to your own unique and personalized custom tuned beast through:

Performance Tuneups
• Speed
• Acceleration
• Handling
• Braking

Endurance Upgrades
• Durability
• Weight

Cosmetic Customization
• Paint Jobs
• Decals
• Body Kits

Vehicle Types

Vehicles in the Coinracer World are tiered and categorized. Each category matches a specific race type, and is divided into three tiers. Tier 1 provide the highest performing with the highest prices to match; Tier 2 are neutral; and Tier 3 lack performance, but come at affordable rates

Track Vehicles

When it comes to speed and cornering, these vehicles are the best. But take note, some are the fastest, some have great acceleration, and some stick to the asphalt like glue.

Destruction Derby Vehicles

They are not well suited for the racetrack or for any race for that matter. They do, however, shine when physical interaction is involved, making them the perfect choice when the opponent’s utter destruction is the goal.

Rally Vehicles

If you wish to go for all-rounders, these are the vehicles you should look at. They may not be the fastest, but they aren’t the most fragile either. They do well on dirt and on asphalt, so if you are into rally racing, these are the vehicles for you.

Economic Model

Double the joy; having fun and earning an income, while competing in the Coinracer World.

Self-Sustainable System

The CoinRacer game economy is heavily focused on sustainability and growth. The game pool is supplied by player transactions only, meaning that the $CCASH supply reflects the exact amount of CoinRacer Tokens. This does not require any minting or other inflationary processes, protecting your value over the long-term.

2-Layered Economy

Ensuring that the whole game economy is backed by a one-to-one, fixed, and predefined $CCASH to token/fiat ratio. No matter how a player purchases $CCASH, the value will always be secured. This also enables the CoinRacer ecosystem to become truly chain-agnostic, while also protected from volatility.

Gasless Transactions

Adding a second layer to the game economy assures that players utilizing on-chain purchases of $CCASH are sheltered from gas fees as much as possible. Beyond the purchase and sale of $CCASH, all other transaction occur off-chain (race entry, repairs, upgrades, etc.).

Earning Mechanics

Racing is PVP, no ifs, ands, or buts about it - whether it be in real life or in-game. CoinRacer is no different. To participate in a race players must contribute a small entry fee to the prize pool, and this prize pool is distributed amongst the winners (with 10% going to the CoinRacer Championship prize pool).

CoinRacer Championship

During the offseason players participate in various races, derbies, and matches that enable them to rank up, advance their careers, and a contribution is made from each event to the CoinRacer Championship prize pool. Upon the CoinRacer Championship events, players will create racing teams, and compete for this massive prize pool.

Special Events

Periodically special events will spawn, providing players a unique opportunity to compete and earn. One example is the Junkyard Race, in which participants will work together or against one another, to destroy the demon racer in a hellish destruction race. Players will be rewarded based on their damage dealt to the demon racer, regardless of their position at the end of the race.

CoinRacer World

The CoinRacer World, revolving around all types of racing events, provides an open-world for players to explore, navigate, and interact with. With the right career progression and achievements, players can claim their own plot of land, create their own businesses and racetracks, and host their own car shows. These mechanics offer players an opportunity to increase their earnings and advance their careers on the road to becoming professional racers.


Digital assets play a significant role in career progression and the game economy. As players progress through their careers, achievements are unlock in the form of NFTs, providing players with unique rewards and prizes.

Damage System

Smashing your opponents is fun, but always be wary of your vehicle health.

Vehicle Damage

In this adrenaline-fueled racing game, every collision, skid, and daring maneuver takes its toll as the dynamic damage mechanic realistically impacts your vehicle’s performance, adding a strategic layer where maintaining speed requires skillful driving and timely repairs.

Totaled Vehicle

Entering a race with your vehicle not 100% repaired is a high-risk, high-reward strategy since once your vehicle reaches 0 Hit Points (HP), you are out and will need to fully repair it after the race ends.

Endurance Upgrade

To increase your favorite vehicle’s HP you can purchase endurance upgrades for it. These will drastically increase your car’s resilience but at the cost of performance and mass increase. What is the best balance for your driving style?

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